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First shit in three days

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See, this is why you need to have a blog. So you can announce to the breathlessly waiting world important news such as this: I took my first shit in three fucking days this morning. Hats off to my dear wife for pushing the Citrucel at me. Not that I needed convincing. What brought on this bout of constipation, you are dying to know? Fuck if I know. I did nothing different; been following my customary fruit- and vegetable-rich diet, with the usual alcohol abuse on the weekends. Maybe it's comes with the territory when you are pushing fifty years of age. Anyway, I am glad the discomfort is over and I know you share my relief.

Media circle-jerk around the corpse of al-Zarqawi

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So the US has wacked Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Big deal. Judging from the media circle-jerk around his corpse, you would think this meant peace, democracy and stability were at hand. Let's wait and see whether the bloodbath continues. My money is on the carnage.

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