How do I pray like bush?

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There was a picture, black and white, in some publication recently that showed the dear leader with his cabinet before the festivities had begun and they were all praying. I was entranced by the image - they were perfectly composed - all in a row. Their heads were bowed at the same angle; hands held in a posture signifying their humbleness; eyes squinched tightly closed. They all wore the same uniform but because it was in B&W I couldn't make out the color of the ties. I'm sure they were the same. Look - I can't join in praying like the leader of the free world if my tie isn't the correct color; don't you agree? Sometimes it is red, sometimes blue. If anyone can help me with my problem or has a thought/guess about the correct color I would be more than grateful for the help. Oh! I almost forgot - what the fuck are they praying for?

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They're praying for Him to help them defeat Evil. Where the hell you been, boy?

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