Real Family Values


Family values were out in full force on Saturday, March 20, 2004 at the anti-war demonstration in New York City, as you can see if you click the thumbnail to display a JPEG of my 10-month old daughter, my wife Marie, and Professor B himself observing the one-year anniversary of the Bush administration's criminal invasion of Iraq.


It's so nice to see the young revolutionary family out and about. The FBI probably now has this photo on file as possible trouble makers. What an honor. It inspires me to do something subversive - hhmmm - that idea of having jesus giving hitler a blow-job? I wonder if the local art guild would accept that into their next show?

Does anyone know where I can obtain a kevlar vest?

There's a nice wordy think-piece in the current Harper's about why millions of working class American vote against their interests by voting for Republicans who promise them one thing, then shove it right up their asses time and again.

One of the main points is that the media/propaganda/PR apparatus has done an effective job of linking east-coast educated class snobbery to the Democrats. Democrats like paintings of jesus submerged in urine, republicans like god and the flag. So if you like god and the flag, vote republican so we can transfer more wealth to the wealthiest and help the ruling rich ship your job overseas. Your remark about jesus blowing hitler reminded me of that (and cracked me up, btw).

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