Alas, Willie has got to go

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Like a lot of people, I grow weary of the Willie Randolph death vigil. And I have reluctantly, and somewhat belatedly, come to the conclusion that Willie has got to go.

I have long supported Willie Randolph. I have liked his management of the Mets, and I admired him back in the days when he played second base for the Yankees. He comes across as likeable, straightforward, non-hysterical and clear-minded. Where others have second-guessed some of his management decisions, I have said yeah right. Had it worked, he'd be hailed as a genius.

But he's the manager of a team that has been underperforming by too much for too long. The buck has to stop first with him, next with Omar Minaya. It doesn't matter whether it's fair or unfair. Life is unfair. Willie Randolph, I bow deeply to you in gassho.

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