"presidential" press conference


Well well well. Can't think of any mistakes you made in the so-called War on Terror, George? Need a little help? OK, how about the criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq? Under the false pretext of the WMD you now can't find, not even under the desk in your office? Remember that?

Seriously, though. You otherwise acquitted yourself brilliantly. You laid out all those distortions, lies and rabble-rousing button-pushing jingoistic propaganda just like Karl R. and your other handlers trained you. I bet you'll get a nice little bump in the poll numbers (which don't concern you, of course).

Oh by the way:  fuck you.


Oh, dammit. You've got html coding turned off. Here's the friggin' address: http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/message/index.php

I can't thank you enough for the tip about Micheal Moore. I didn't realize he was working on another film ...although come to think of it, what would you expect him to do, ride around on a lawn-boy drinking Snapple all day?

Yeah, I have the hypertext links turned off to discourage the penis-enlargement gang from comment spamming. Not sure whether it helps much.

Blessedly, I was out of touch with world events last week, so didn�t get to hear the �president� hold forth at his little self-congratulatory press conference. (There are some really good things about being on vacation, such as not looking at a tv for a week and having to be reminded what a moron we have for a �leader�. World travel ain�t what it used to be though, because everyone else in the world is certainly aware of Americans and what our �president� has told them we stand for�)

I really appreciated Michael Moore�s comments on the speech� they were definitely worth laughing and crying through.

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