Deadwood: A New Drinking Game


Required equipment:   whiskey, a TV, and an episode of Deadwood.

Number of players:  a minimum of one.

Rules:   Play begins when the Deadwood episode starts. Every time a character on the program does a shot, players are required to do a shot. Last player standing is deemed the winner.


Oh I would lose within minutes; whiskey/bourbon/scotch any alkie that looks like my kidneys are in big trouble when I piss: out of my stomachs league. Some of my first memories of screaming at the ground after drinking when I was young, were after having tried that tea colored shit. However, if they ever introduce a russian on the show who prefers vodka, then I can play! Or gin! Did I mention gin? They say when you are sick to drink lots of clear liquids - well, it works!

I suppose we could amend the rules to allow you to match their whiskey shots with your vodka.

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