Oddities of Product Placement


If you were Snapple, would you want to have an empty bottle from one of your products smashed into someone's face on the Sopranos? Seems to me that smashing people's faces with a bottle is kind of negative.

Then again, what do I know about marketing. Perhaps they're thrilled to get their brand in front of those eyeballs regardless of the context


I hadn't noticed what the bottle was until I read this observation and went back and watched again and yes, it sure looks like a snapple bottle but it wasn't completely empty. I think it would have been better for the company's image if a piece of label had stuck conspicuously to his face. Just a thought.

It wasn't completely empty? That's even better! Somehow smashing an almost-empty Snapple beverage into the victim's face adds a nice extra touch of disrespect. Add some backwash to those lacerations.

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