MoveableType goes commercial


I was disappointed to discover just now that MT is now requiring paid licenses for all but its miserly, stripped-down free edition, and calling it a "publishing platform."
Good luck guys.

Time to think about migration to another blogware.


So what is the price? And how do they know you are using it? (pardon my ignorance) And what is wrong with the dumbed down version - its just being used by a couple of dumb cock-suckers anyway.

Prices start at $70.00. The free edition only supports one blog author. The licensing scheme only applies to versions later than this one, methinks. As to how they would know who's using the software, they are clever enough to write robots to crawl the www and look around for it.

True, this installation is only being used by a couple of limberdick hooplehead cocksuckers. What's wrong with it? Well I'd kind of like a solution to comment spam. I'm getting a little tired of manually deleting comments from and the like. MT 3.0 reportedly has a clever solution, but you have to pay; and paying is anathema to us open source hippie types. Software should be like, free, man.

Hmmm, time to eat my words. Since this post they made the license a little more generous. But since I've since I've been running 3.11 with their authentication service, I haven't had a single spam attack. So I have not abandoned MT; on the contrary.

Spammers, go suck a dead man's dick.

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